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gsf. -aire, and -bhra, pl. id. a., tenuous, long, limber, svelt; extensive, free, bold; smooth, pliant; trailing, loose, long and graceful; dhá láimh leabhaire, two long graceful hands; géaga leabhaire, long, limber branches of trees, long, graceful arms; ba leabhra gile lámh, most tenuous and bright of hand; gur corrach gach slighe agus gur bheag gach buidhean agus gur i. na ruaga agus gur tiugh na h-áir, the roads are blocked, the companies decimated, those in the sallies few, and the casualties numerous; al. leabhair. Leabhar., leabhair., in compds., long, svelt, graceful, free-flowing; l.-chas, long and curly; i.-chlaidheamh, a long graceful sword; i.-chrobh, a slender hand; i.chuach, a free-flowing curl; i.-fholt, long hair; l.-phus, long pliant lips; i.-gheimheal, a long-fetter (from wrists to ankles); l.-stoc, a long shaft; i.-mhongach, long-maned; l.-ghorm, graceful and blue (of a galley); leabhal rphiob, a graceful neck; leabhair-ghníomh, a nimble feat; al. -leabhar, e.Q. glacleabhar, having a graceful hand.

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